Passion with Nikki Daniels

We have slutty Nikki getting creamed in this hot Mr POV scene. The sexy brunette had a hot neighbor moving in and she just had to get in his pants. She saw him moving his things inside the house a few days ago and she knew he was going to be hers. She heard all kind of rumors that he was a porn star and things like, well that didn’t scared her at all because know she was more curious to try him out. She wanted to know if he’s as good as the guys she saw in the porn movies.

She went to his place with a pie yesterday to get to know him and after entering in his house and seeing only manly things around she knew that he was single. So she started flirting with him, one thing lead to another and in no time they were making out on the couch. Nikki wasn’t going to stop there, she’s not in high school anymore, so she slipped her hand into his pants and started jerking off his cock. You really shouldn’t miss out the entire MrPOV scene because it’s pretty amazing. For more you can check out to see more nasty chicks in the hottest scenes. Enjoy!

Mr POV Nikki Daniels

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